Who is Sorbara?

The Sorbara Group of Companies is an integrated real estate development, investment and management firm with a history of growth in Ontario since 1942, when our founder Sam Sorbara started a business known today as Adriatic Insurance Brokers Limited.

Sorbara is a pioneering force in the real estate industry within Ontario. Through innovation, diversification and loyalty to our core values of quality and integrity, Sorbara now owns, manages and operates commercial/industrial, office and retail properties; has a residential apartment portfolio; develops high-rise and low-rise communities; offers insurance services; provides construction management as well as planning and development services; and holds land in various stages of development in and around the Greater Toronto Area.


Sorbara, through specific affiliates, considers a wide range of investments within our broader expertise of financial services (insurance, brokerage), property business services (cleaning, maintenance, management agencies, parking, etc.), development and construction.

Sorbara also considers investments in building-related innovations including building automation, building envelope and insulation, energy-saving windows, home automation, HVAC systems, smart lighting systems, glass electronics and more.

In addition, Sorbara buys positions in public companies’ stocks or bonds, money management funds and private equity funds. Return criteria is situation-specific.

For more information, please contact venture@sorbara.com

Construction (Hady)

Since 1952, Sorbara has been involved in industrial and commercial construction through a firm known as Hady Construction Associates that has attracted a diverse portfolio of clients. Hady’s expertise includes design/build, project management and general construction.

Hady has been a forerunner in the industry with an impressive list of firsts, including Toronto’s first strip mall in the late ’50s; the first McDonald’s restaurant; the Greater Toronto Area’s first retail power centre development; and the city’s first residential loft conversion.

NuWall Masonry Contracting–a Sorbara firm that provides services to both direct and third-party clients—operates in concert with Hady Construction Associates.hady

Please contact HADY directly for more information:
(416) 247-4239


Insurance (Adriatic)

Adriatic Insurance Brokers Ltd. is a full-service professional insurance brokerage and financial services firm that operates as two distinct entities: Adriatic Financial Services Ltd. and Adriatic Financial Planning Inc. From life insurance to group insurance and employee benefits, Adriatic offers a convenient “one-stop-shop” for insurance assistance. In addition, Adriatic offers immediate referral service to other financial services. Adriatic responds quickly to insurance and insurance-related requests.


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Charitable Foundation


Sam’s Sorbara message was that “fortune and wealth are gifts that life offers us so we can share them with others.” In his honour, we have established The Sam Sorbara Charitable Foundation as the charitable arm of the Sorbara Family and the Sorbara Group of Companies. The directing committee of The Sam Sorbara Charitable Foundation comprises direct family members, who meet periodically to discuss donation requests and committed donations.

Charitable giving is an important aspect of all successful corporations. Our mission is to broaden our understanding of charitable foundations, in order to assess their requests fairly and to respond compassionately and responsibly within the financial parameters of The Sam Sorbara Charitable Foundation.

Construction Management

Sorbara has a complete management team dedicated to external construction management, with a comprehensive suite of cost-effective services specially tailored to meet each project’s unique requirements. We have built our reputation on delivering strict, unified management throughout the phases of a project and by ensuring clean lines of accountability that lead to significant cost advantages and production efficiencies. Past projects include the University of Toronto Residences, University of St. Michael’s College Residences, and Sheridan College’s Trafalgar Campus’s redevelopment.